Scope of
Offered Services

Hawel-Tocker & Co. Law Office’s specializes in providing legal services in various areas of the commercial field with emphasis on commercial investments and activities in Poland.

We provide legal services to investors and entrepreneurs in Poland and Israel, especially in the areas of real estate, but also in the areas of high-tech, tourism, export and import of goods, as well as the acquisition or investment in Polish companies.

We also handle restoration of Jewish property in Poland and matters regarding the law of inheritance and estates in Poland and Israel (including various aspects of private international law within the law of inheritance and estates).

Commercial law

Establishment of local companies in Poland/Israel by client's POA. Performance of registrations in local registrar offices.
Acquisition and merger of Polish and Israeli companies.
Due diligence and conducting negotiations.
Providing one-time and current legal advice.
Preparation and examination of all kinds of commercial contracts.

Investment in yield real estate and building projects

We offer all kind of solutions and comprehensive legal services in the process of purchases of yield estate, commercial and residence: due diligence, conducting negotiations, preparation of real estate contracts and also performance of purchase transactions by POA

Full legal services and current legal support during the building investment project.

Restoration of Jewish Property in Poland.

Examination of the legal situation of the property.Conducting the inheritance proceedings required in Poland.
Filing of claims to receive possession and management of the property.
Transfer of rights in the property to the names of the heirs.
Handling of taxation matters.
Current management of the restored properties ( necessary for a limited time, until realization of the property).
Handling the sale of the property.

Inheritance law

Drafting of wills and setting up trusts in Israel and Poland. Conducting the required inheritance proceedings before Israeli/Polish court. Execution of wills and management of estates accordingly. Inheritance tax.

Legal opinions and preparation of tenders' document

Providing legal opinions in the areas of Polish and Israeli law as well as private international law issues regarding the authority of and conflicts between the two legal systems.

We help you company in preparing all kind tender’s documents.

Polish citizenship

A whole department in our office provide all services required to obtain the certificate in Polish Citizenship and Polish (European Union) passport for persons born in Poland and their children. The applications are submitted directly in the relevant office in Poland.

Notary services

We provide our clients notary services in Polish, Hebrew and English: signature's authorization, power of attorney, translations.



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